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Upcoming Gigs, Tours and Events

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Hello. This would usually be where my gig listing is. But since we're in this Apocalypse Rehearsal, there is no live anything. 

I will be in Melbourne until November 2020, then I'm emigrating to the US. So in 2021 you'll be able to see me in LA (and other US cities), Edinburgh and Berlin. 

For now, I'm hosting this every day, see you there on Facebook or Instagram. 12 noon AEST, but check this handy time converter for when that is in your town. (Select 'Melbourne' for me). 


Go to instagram or twitter for daily announcements

Stay tuned for more dates in Melbourne, around Oz, the US and Europe/UK!

Not in your town? Can't get out of the house?

Check out some highlights on the YouTube channel, or on the elsewhere archive

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