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The Stable

I run an international Talent Database. It focuses on diverse voices I've met all over the world, but also includes straight white men who are, against all odds, excellent at their craft. If you need an act for your event/happening/function/whatever, then contact me with your specs and I'll send you a list of good folk! 

Are you a creative and/or interesting person who wants to be in The Stable? Click on the button to fill out the form.  

The Skysie Awards 

Originally made for MICF 2020, the festival was cancelled but I already made the trophies. And who am I to waste an opportunity to give someone a trophy.


So the inaugural awards will be held in Q3 of 2020, with a focus on Australian festival acts from the last 5 years. More info will be on my FB page when I have it.  

Link List 

Christ, it's a big ask. Um, I might do one soon. It's just... there are so many people I love and I want you all to know about.   

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