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First Performed in 2018, under the working title 'By the Time You Read This, Lisa-Skye Will Have a Girlfriend*'

Before Tinder, how did guys hassle people?

Lisa-Skye worked as a 'quality control' monitor for a phone dating agency in the early 2000s. She has stories so scary and silly they’ll curl your eyelashes. But when it comes to finding love with other femmes now, is she any better?

Another outrageous dispatch from a life less ordinary. Directed by Candy Bowers. 

This show is still touring

Spiders Wearing Party Hats

First Performed in 2016

'A love letter to my husband... while we fuck other people'. 

The world of stand-up comedy features many great comedy shows. They’re often performed by palatably quirky people in jeans and t-shirts, sharing ‘unique’ world views that gratifyingly mesh with your own outlook. These shows will be great. See them. But afterwards, you’re going to wanna hear about punching dudes in Berlin sex clubs and accidentally taking hallucinogens in international airports. And Papa Skye has you covered there. 

An unlikely love story. A show about working hard and living weird. Adventures, hedonism and madness from the belly o' the Sparklebeast. 

This show is still touring. 

Gentlemen’s Agreement

First performed in 2015

Discerning sketch for the fancy guttersnipe. Lisa-Skye (sparklepuppy weirdo) and Nick Caddaye (famed curmudgeon) present fast-paced, anything-goes comedy. 4 stars, no bras (one bra). Sketch for people who just want to set fire to the whole world. Put it in your lookin’ balls and laugh outta your piegap. A masterpiece from the oddest of couples at the top of their game. 

The birthplace of the beloved GARY GAZEBO'S PERGOLA HUT sketch, which pre-dates Modern Family's similarly-named gag by a good 2 years. "Delightfully silly mucking around…the highlight of my 2015 Fringe" – Squirrel Comedy. 

This show may be available for touring upon request. 

Uncle Lisa's Fun Bucket

First performed in 2014

A Falls Festival favourite at both the Lorne and Marion Bay Festivals across the years, this 15 to 45-minute show purpose-built for music festivals: Highly interactive, bombastic fun and controlled anarchy from the King of hedonism herself, human glitterbomb and muppet dominatrix Lisa-Skye. Come join the party! 

This show is still touring. 

Art, Sex and Snacks

First Performed in 2012

Join host Lisa-Skye and an ever-changing line up of the most fascinating new and established comedians, artists, actors, puppeteers, dancers, musos and others as they discuss their artistic practice. And sex. And snacks.

Expect insights. Expect chaos. Expect shock, titillation and fascination. With Daddy Lisa at the helm, business may get crazy-weird.

Past performances of this show are available as a podcast

This show is still touring. 

Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party

First Performed in 2014

Come in, sit down. Relax; business is about to get crazy-weird but Uncle Lisa will take care of you.

Stand-up and conversation with a rotating line-up of the best alternative comedians. Lisa will tell some jokes. Then her guest will tell some jokes. Then they’ll talk/possibly make out. Whatever happens it’ll be ever so much fun. It's a lovely f*%king tea party and you're her guest.

Controlled chaos and anything-goes conversation. No two shows the same.

Past performances of this show are available as a podcast (abridged versions). 

This show is still available for touring. 

An Evening with Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry

First Performed in 2015

Double-bill stand-up comedy show, featuring Lisa-Skye and the magnificent Daisy Berry

This show is still touring. 

Bunny and Mad Dog Get High

First Performed in 2014

Skye examines the sex-and-drug-saturated world of the 70s, through the prism of her parents' dead friends. Will she share their fate?

This show is still available for touring. 

Midsumma Spoken Word Events

Est. 2006, Curator/MC for sold-out mixed-bill spoken word events, yearly as part of the Melbourne Midsumma Festival

Endings/Beginnings (2020)
Black & White (Clichés & Expectations: A Rebellion) (2019)
Grey (In-Between Spaces: A Celebration) (2019)

The Big Times (2018)

I Hate Myself for Loving You (2017)
The Invisibles 2 (2016)
How's Your 'Friend' and Other Niceties (2015)
MONSTER (2014)
Art, Sex and Snacks: Spoken Word Edition 2 (2014)
The Invisibles (2013)
Art, Sex and Snacks: Spoken Word Edition (2013)
Love Me, Love Me Not (2012)
Queer Nerd (2012)
Dangerous Curves Ahead (2011)
Papa Don't Preach (2010)
Mummy Dearest (2009)
Come As You Are II: Come Harder (2008)
Femme Fever II (2008)
Come As You Are (2007)
Words on Tap (2006)

Songs My Parents Taught Me

First Performed in 2012

The first iteration of the storytelling show that would become 'Bunny and Mad Dog Get High'. 

This show has been retired from performance. 


First Performed in 2011

Skye's second full-length solo show, and the first she toured Internationally (to Edinburgh Fringe 2013). 

This show has been retired from performance. 

Lisa-Skye is Not Like Other Boys

First Performed in 2010

Lisa's first ever full-length solo show. 

This show has been retired from performance. 


First Performed in 2009

Second double-bill performance with Nicholas Rasche. 

This show has been retired from performance. 

Goth V Nerd: Disenchantment Lane

First Performed in 2009

First double-bill performance with Nicholas Rasche. 

This show has been retired from performance. 

The ‘G’ in Goth, the C@#t in Homewares

First Performed in 2008

Double bill comedy show, with the wonderful Megan Petrie. 

This show has been retired from performance. 

VaVa Boombah Fat Burlesque

Australia's first fat burlesque troupe

Established in 2012, Skye was co-creative director and co-producer (with Aimee Nichols) of this fabulous project. The Boombahs ran events for several years, including two huge gala performances. Because of resourcing difficulties, it's currently on an indefinite hiatus. 

That Was the Planet That Was

Performed in 2012

A comedy concerning the end of the world and everything that happened before and after.

The End of the World is nigh, so what better way to countdown our destruction than with a new comedy that will attempt to do no less than sum up all of human history and experience in one solid hour of laughs? 

From the discovery of milk to the construction of the Berlin Wall…

From the vagaries of 18th century medicine, to the enduring lure of the pyramids… 

From the earliest days of humanity, to the final seconds of the world. 

Featuring Brenna Courtney Glazebrook, Richard McKenzie, Lisa-Skye, Karin Muiznieks and Nick Caddaye 

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