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Awards and Nominations:


Reviews and Praise:

'★★★★½' Adelaide Advertiser 
'★★★★' HeraldSun
'★★★★' Theatre People
'★★★★' Harlot Overdrive

'★★★★' The Upside News

‘Lisa-Skye’s stance in life does away with every expectation I’ve ever had put upon me growing up… Lisa-Skye is amazing. They are more themselves than anyone I’ve met, being exactly who they are inside and projecting outside in a way that is both inspirational and aspirational.’ Art Murmurs NZ


‘You’ll cry laughing… The only fault in Skye’s show is that more people aren’t aware of it.’ Volume Media


‘As a performer, Skye is entirely refreshing. She is unique in her ability to switch between so many different, and quite disparate, elements of her personality…  this hour of storytelling is unique and captivating… psychotropic storytelling in which she has no equal.’ Gutter Culture


‘Don't let your pleasure horse bolt, harness your tickets today!Head to the Tuxedo Cat to Lisa-Skye's femme chamber for crazy glitter bombing love, fictional bedtime stories from on high and lots of laughs.'  Weekend Notes


‘Lisa's full-bodied gestures and her ease with herself lets her audience relax and assures us that she can take the piss without being offensive.’ NZ Theatre Review


‘Lisa-Skye is a warm and cheerful performer filled with love and laughter…get ready for a night of wild laughter, cheeky tales and the most delightful of performers.’ Aussie Theatre


‘An unmissable experience.’ Ticketmaster Blog

‘Skye’s comedy is a careful balance of exhibition, wit and glitter.’ Broadsheet


‘Lisa-Skye is an effervescent and embracing performer. Being near this comedy uncle feels like sitting in front of a campfire, but the campfire is softly spitting rainbow candies into your lap….I left The Fxxk Yxu venue feeling thankful for people like Lisa-Skye, who epitomise vibrancy and refuse to dilute their truth.’ Fringe Feed

'There is something truly amazing about Lisa-Skye’s energy' Joy FM Mad Wednesdays

'A completely unique presence on the Melbourne comedy scene... so funny it had people nearly falling out of their seats and I found it hard to breathe. I suspect it will be the highlight of my Fringe.' Squirrel Comedy

'Lisa Skye presents a multitude of contrasts. Fierce yet friendly. Loud yet lovely. Dangerous yet disarming. Crude yet charming. Equipped with a dry wit and a serious expression yet constantly armed with pockets full of sparkles.'  Also from Squirrel, and over the years here, and here - they've followed me from the start and they're amazing supporters of local comedy). 

'[A] wickedly funny walk on the wild side' HeraldSun 
(From the 4-star review, not the 2-star one from that guy who ended up getting fired coz he was a sexist creep, who we discovered gave women much lower star ratings than men. Fuck that guy).

'Let me be clear: this show is dangerous. It will make you want to drink Southern Comfort, take drugs, have sex and possibly travel back in time. It will make your sides and jaw hurt from laughing... funny, clever, occasionally confronting and ultimately joyous. Much like Lisa-Skye herself.' Crikey

'★★★★★... Lisa is most in her element when interacting with the audience, but it is done in a truly consensual way. Nobody is going to have an uncomfortable time and its hard to imagine anybody going away without loving the show... This is the fringe at its best. An intimate venue with a skillful comedian giving us something slightly different, connecting with her audience, and making sure everybody has a good time.'

'An excellent storyteller and performer, as well as a great example of how to wear fluoro fashion accessories.' The Upside News  

'A unicorn piñata come to life. She’s colourful, vibrant, totally unique and full to the brim of sweetness... Radiant positivity and infectious energy... Her simultaneous takedown of toxic masculinity while celebrating vulnerability amongst cis males is no easy feat, yet Skye manages to see not just the black and white in the world, but every neon, glowing rainbow sparkle in between... Her voice is a celebration of the underrepresented people of the world'

One of 'Edinburgh Fringe: The Ten Australian Acts You Must See' from the Huffington Post: 'She's a great character; a proudly freak-flag flying Melbournite goth who manages to be one of the most relatable talkers in the country.' 

'Extremely funny...a striking and original voice in comedy' Australian Stage
 (also here and here)


'A voice for the unique, the weirdoes, the sexually diverse and anyone else who unapologetically lives their most fun-filled life.' Broadway World

'Just not that interesting' Broadway Baby

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