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Lisa-Skye is Melbourne's favourite sparklepuppy muppet dominatrix comedian. Her uniquely positive and inclusive humour and glitter-bomb high-energy delivery have made her a favourite on the International arts festival circuit.

Skye has been performing in Australia and internationally since 2007, full time since 2014 and got good at it around 2016. Besides the on-stage stuff, he excels at a vast range of adjacent practices including event production, running workshops, consultation, restorative justice, mentoring, connecting people and behind-the-scenes creative help. Have a look at some of what she can do here

Skye identifies as queer, polyamorous and non-binary (She/her or he/him pronouns, Skye's not fussed). She's a vocal advocate for these things, as well as being an activist for body positivity (Health at Every Size), feminism, and safe / informed / consensual BDSM. 

Go here to see what the press is saying about this indomitable Femme Daddy and everyone's favourite Festival Uncle.

Dr Shadow



Dr Shadow (PhD) is an 8 year old mastiff-rottweiler cross. She has been managing Ms Skye's business affairs since January 3, 2017.

"The Doctorb"



The Doctorb brings you the freshest chill downed low on yer ol' pal Skysie, for all you fellow hip cool trendy young'uns.

Doc Shad



Mr Skye believes in the teachings of 'eat the thing and get all the pats', as instructed by her wellness guru, Doc Shad. 

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