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Lisa is available for a whole bunch of things, including: ​​


  • Shows and tours (either solo or with a selection of my very excellent mates)

  • MCing gigs, functions and events 

  • Spots at your comedy/variety/performance night 

  • Hosting events and parties 

  • Curating line-up and variety shows and events


  • Producing your show (for a festival or standalone tour)

  • Mentoring (holistic) and directing (project-specific)

  • Dramaturgy, script doctoring and outside eye help on shows, events and productions

  • Diversity and inclusion, from access and representation consulting to 'is this ok?' content consultation


  • Workshop hosting

  • Emotional labour 

  • Hedonism muse musings 

  • Restorative justice work (what?)

  • Misc. times and adventures​

  • Or just tying you up (where legal)

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Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 4.16.29 pm.png
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